Samuel Köppel

Designer & carpenter

Samuel Köppel lives and works in Zurich. As a qualified designer and carpenter, he creates exclusive small-series designer furniture in his furniture factory. Under the label “SAMKO”, it also offers a special service for design lovers: the creation of a unique piece, tailored to you and your needs.


The “SAMKO” label did not emerge as a business idea, but from the joy of wood. In addition to his work as a designer, Samuel Köppel developed a passion for making furniture himself from the first sketch to the last hand sanding. With additional training as a cabinet maker and the establishment of a wood workshop in Zurich Altstetten, the hobby has become a profession – a holistic service of design, visualization and handicraft.


When it comes to materials, Samuel Köppel focuses on sustainability. The solid wood for new furniture comes from Switzerland and is treated exclusively with natural materials such as linseed oil, core soap or wax.